A dispersion of a people from their original homeland.

[Greek diaspor, dispersion, from diaspeirein, to spread about:
dia-, apart; see dia- + speirein, to sow, scatter;
see sper- in Indo-European Roots.]



"DIASPORA PULSE" tells a musical tale of people scattered from their homelands.

With cello, flutes (bamboo, ceramic, penny whistles, concert and alto flutes), percussion, keyboards, vocals and spoken word...there is a weaving together of the worlds of Haiti, Cuba, Brazil and the French West Indies... within the vast loom of Jazz grooves.

Anne H. Pollack, the creator of this music (artist/composer/arranger/producer) ... in her second CD ... sought to bring a dialogue between music and life by honoring the stories and journeys of those people who create the sounds closest to her heart.

Touched by elements of Brazilian Samba, Haitian Vodou, Afro-Cuban Santeria Chants and Incantations of Guadeloupe, she has expressed the soul of those who suffered displacement...and made themselves whole again with music. And, in telling these tales, she tells her own story while she touches on the essence of nearly all human experience and ancestry.

Music is the strongest force of the diaspora. It carries the identity of people in its pulse, and in its melody. In its harmony it cross-polinates the life of its origin to its transplanted home... creating a new art form as it breathes a new air.

In the musical poetry of "Diaspora Pulse," Anne H. Pollack has let the songs play through her, as she participates in the process of this ever-emerging musical expression. An instrumentalist and songwriter with vast experience, her concept has been more deeply enhanced by her talent as a producer.

Lose yourself in these rich tracks. You might just, in the process, find yourself there.

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